As a photographer with a 10 year background in the Haunt industry and 5 years of experience with a global architecture firm, I'm uniquely qualified to shoot absolutely stunning photos of your Escape Rooms, no matter the size or theme. Showing off your detailed sets while obfuscating any puzzle clues to keep the mystery is a specific skill that I bring to the table. Your escape room needs to stand out from the crowd just like a real estate listing, and together we'll capture incredible photos showing your best features to draw in the crowds!

Get rid of your cell phone snapshots and stock photos that don't really represent YOUR business. Update your website and social media with professional photos!
Per Escape - $300
Takes 1-1.5 hours each
10-20+ final images with professional editing
2nd copy w/ your logo added as a bold poster-style photo
Per Escape with Actors/Guests - $450
Takes 2-3 hours each
20+ final images
2nd copy w/ your logo added as a bold poster-style photo

The average escape room costs $25-30 per customer and supports 6-12 guests at a time. You owe it to yourself and your business to invest in quality, professional photos of your hard work. A single $300 package pays for itself in only TWO TO THREE additional bookings, and your photos will last as long as you keep the room with the same theme, even if you change the puzzles.
Poster prints are perfect for showing off inside your business, adding quality, professionalism, and perceived value to your customers.
Book your photos on a slow weekday instead of during peak hours.
Email for more info or to get started!
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