Why Do I Need Professional Photography?
Show off your haunt and characters with professional lighting, composition, and editing.
Bring your attraction to life like you've never seen it before! As a photographer with a 10 year background in the Haunt industry and 5 years of experience with a global architecture firm, we’re uniquely qualified to shoot stunning photos of your haunt.

Whether you're a haunt owner, escape room owner, or a vendor selling props in the industry, you need professional photography. Your potential guests CAN tell when you’re using cell phone photos. Having professional photography shows your commitment to quality and to your business. You’ll never see a high end brand settle for low quality photography.

Your website and social media photos are one of the largest influencing factors over potential customers. Just like with real estate, customers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% each on text and descriptions. You only have one chance to make an amazing first impression, and dramatic professional photos will paint a vivid and unforgettable image of your attraction, increasing perceived value and securing you more business.

Instead of using stock photos or generic ad agency material, we shoot YOUR sets and YOUR monsters! Stock photos sacrifice authenticity and aren’t representative of your business. Customers check your facebook page and website to get to know your haunt, so put your best foot forward by showing them eye-catching material that they’ll actually get to see when they visit! Having a cache of professional photos available can create free publicity for your haunt and builds solid brand recognition. If you’re using an advertising agency,  insist that your campaign includes photos from YOUR haunt. You spend tons of time, money, and effort on props and building your business, so let's work together to show that to your audience!

Almost universally for small businesses, professional photography is extremely cost effective. A haunted house with a ticket price of $20 will recoup the cost of photography with only around 120 additional guests ($20x120=$2,400). Escape Rooms recover their cost in one to two additional bookings. You owe it to yourself and your business to invest in quality, professional photos of your hard work. Even our mid-range and high-end packages will pay for themselves in as little as *one to two nights* of your haunt season, and your photos will last forever. Update your website and social media to start growing your business as fast as possible.

We shoot Haunted Houses, Escape Rooms, Monsters, Props, and Products.
Book early to take advantage of cheaper rates. Prices will increase and discounts will disappear as the season gets closer. Agencies, feel free to reach out directly for special pricing at photos@fearphoto.rip , no matter where your haunts are.

Check out all the details on our Pricing page, and shoot us an email with any questions! 
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